• Felicano performing a standard dead pine tree removal. Notice that he is wearing all of the required personal protective equipment for the particular job. Compare this to many of our competitors ads and websites and see how many of them are adhering to the OSHA and ANSI guidlines by wearing the correct saftey gear.
  • Yes we even prune palm trees. Downey Tree crews begin setup to prune one of the thousands of palm trees that we prune each year from our Destin, Florida location.
  • Downey Tree Crews prune a large American Beech tree to remove deadwood and enhance the overall appearance.
  • Downey Tree Crews removing a large Oak tree from the grounds of the Georgia State Capital. This tree was infected with a fungus called Ganoderma which is a wood decaying fungi.
  • Pruning Palms in Paradise. Downey Trees crews keep the palm trees looking their best at Sandestin Resort in Destin, Florida.
  • One of Downey Trees Crew Leaders removing a storm damaged oak tree and in doing so makes another Atlanta property safe…
  • Downey Trees, Inc. crew leader removing a hazardous dead pine tree at Georgia’s Stone Mountain Park aided by one of the newest aerial lifts.

  • Downey Trees, Inc. crews working hard at Atlanta’s Turner Field getting it ready for the filming of an episode of American Ninja.


Downey Trees Plant Health Care Division uses the latest application methods, equipment and materials to provide services on your property. After conducting a site inspection a regimen of services specifically designed for your property will be suggested. Our fully trained staff implements programs that create minimal disturbance while offering maximum results.

With team members holding degrees in Horticulture and Georgia Landscape Professional accreditation we are able to design programs that care for both the trees and shrubs on your property. Our integrated pest management program may consist of monthly or bi-monthly visits to your property and targets issues as they arise throughout the season. This method limits the amount of pesticide and fungicide that is applied to your property, targets the plants that are being affected and aids in the control of insects as they emerge.

Our range of services include:
Fertilization, Mycorrhizal applications, Insect and fungal control, Growth Regulation, Micro Injections, Soil Aeration, De-compaction, Soil Replacement Programs, Radial Trenching and Root Collar Excavations.

Our consultancy department uses the latest research and diagnostic equipment to provide services for the general public, homeowners associations, commercial companies, municipalities and property managers.

The services offered include:
Tree Appraisals, Tree Inventories, Tree Conservation, Construction Management and Risk Analysis.

Downey Trees Plant Health Care Manager has performed in excess of 500 Risk Analyses predominately on trees within the Metro Atlanta area. The process consists of 2 parts. Firstly a visual assessment is made to determine external defects and the presence of pathogenic organisms. The sings or symptoms discovered during this process provide the arborist with clues on where to test the internal structure of the tree. Secondly a machine (Resistograph) is used to test the strength of the wood. The Resistograph is able measure and record the density of wood allowing the operator to identify and quantify areas of internal decaying or decayed wood. Mathematical formulas are then applied to the collated data to provide a strength loss associated with the area tested.

For questions or more information about plant health care in the greater Atlanta, GA or Destin, FL areas, please email or call us at 770-889-2822.

External defects such as cavities can be obvious.
An internal defect detected using the Resistograph.
The needle records a high reading when it encounters resistance
from sound wood and drops off when it reaches a cavity.