• Felicano performing a standard dead pine tree removal. Notice that he is wearing all of the required personal protective equipment for the particular job. Compare this to many of our competitors ads and websites and see how many of them are adhering to the OSHA and ANSI guidlines by wearing the correct saftey gear.
  • Yes we even prune palm trees. Downey Tree crews begin setup to prune one of the thousands of palm trees that we prune each year from our Destin, Florida location.
  • Downey Tree Crews prune a large American Beech tree to remove deadwood and enhance the overall appearance.
  • Downey Tree Crews removing a large Oak tree from the grounds of the Georgia State Capital. This tree was infected with a fungus called Ganoderma which is a wood decaying fungi.
  • Pruning Palms in Paradise. Downey Trees crews keep the palm trees looking their best at Sandestin Resort in Destin, Florida.
  • One of Downey Trees Crew Leaders removing a storm damaged oak tree and in doing so makes another Atlanta property safe…
  • Downey Trees, Inc. crew leader removing a hazardous dead pine tree at Georgia’s Stone Mountain Park aided by one of the newest aerial lifts.

  • Downey Trees, Inc. crews working hard at Atlanta’s Turner Field getting it ready for the filming of an episode of American Ninja.


Qualified inquiries for employment at Downey Trees accepted.
Click here to download Downey Trees Inc. Application.

Once you have downloaded the application, print it and then fax to 770-889-3260 or email to info@downeytreesinc.com

A few simple questions to ask yourself before entering a career in tree care:

1.  Do you enjoy being outdoors? I don’t mean like going for a hike or hunting. I mean being outside for 8 hours enjoying the benefit of a new “office” everyday!

2.  Are you comfortable making decisions on your own and working as a team? Tree crews are usually made up of 3 people who work together to figure out how to get the job done the way that works best and safest for them. No bosses looking over your shoulder constantly! It is a very self driven and therefore a satisfying job.

3.  Does the idea of a lunch break include going to a restaurant?  Not a very common occurrence, but on the plus side you will probably eat a lot healthier and save a lot of money!

4.  Are you physically fit? I am not talking about a muscle bound athlete. If you can lift 50 pounds and have the stamina to do 8 hours of physical labor then you are a perfect candidate.

If you said yes or felt yourself smiling at any of these questions, you are just the person we are looking for!

We a currently hiring Crew Leaders for our Norcross and Marietta offices in Georgia, as well as San Destin, Florida.

We are hiring Ground Workers in our Norcross and Lake City offices in Georgia, as well as our office in San Destin, Florida.